Sponsoring in September

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We enjoy getting involved with the local community, there’s always so much going on and it’s great to be able to lend a hand. That’s why we would like to share two events that might interest you.

We are pleased to say that we are again sponsoring the Friends of Wisdom Hospice Quiz Night. It’s not until September so you have plenty of warning to dust off your encyclopedias and brush up on your general knowledge, to join us for an airing of the old grey matter.
If you have some bright sparks in your office, why not make up a quiz team and join in the fun and whilst we’re at it we can raise some much-needed funds for the hospice.

Did you know that one in three people have been touched by hospice care? When helping at previous hospice events, I have been overwhelmed by the personal stories relating to the support the public has received. The hospice really does an amazing job, but they need your help to continue to do so.

The event will be held on Saturday 16th September at 7pm. The location is Hook Meadow Community Centre in Walderslade, ME5 0TZ. Teams will be made up of 6 people and charged at £6 per person. All you need to bring along is the tipple of your choice together with some nibbles and a pen. To book a table contact The Friends of Wisdom Hospice 01634 831163.

Also in September, we have the pleasure of sponsoring The Independent Business Awards Kent. This is a splendid black tie affair held at the Great Danes Hotel in Maidstone. It’s a time when we come together and support the independent businesses in Kent by celebrating and awarding their achievements.

If you have received brilliant service from a local business that deserves recognition, why not nominate them for an award?
Perhaps you feel your own business efforts deserve acknowledgement? It’s most definitely worth having a go. The nominations are open until 11th August so get nominating and we will see you on the 29th September for the big night. http://iba-kent.co.uk

The Business Diaries - June's storytelling event

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Looking back on June’s storytelling evening, I think it is safe to say it was a bit of an emotional roller coaster. As someone in the audience said ”I just didn’t know what to expect”. Once we were seated there was no going back.
Our storytellers were superb, truly honing in on the theme, Decisions Decisions.

The journey started gently with a delightful story from Andrea Barker, sharing how she made a spontaneous decision to stand up to a certain someone at work. A decision that could have cost her job. How many of us would have the courage to do that I wonder?

Next up was Fiona Stephens, who told us how life changed for her after losing her husband. This is where the roller coaster took on speed with a few heart bursting dips. Just at the point where we could take no more, Fiona had us on the upward climb, laughing and marvelling at the realities of life. What an amazing woman, she has truly seen despair but has made some inspirational choices to move on to where she is today.

Hilary Steel’s story whizzed us through her childhood and told how her recent decisions very much link with her early days spending time in her parent’s restaurant and how she has always had a love of cooking and a desire to perform.

The Comedy Cook concluded, in true authentic Hilary style, that the only problem with that is “she can’t cook and isn’t funny” but we all know that won’t stand in her way!

There were a few twists and turns when Denise Wilton took to the floor.
She took us through some entertaining accounts where the right decision saved her from a career with an ‘Adult’ TV channel and after falling off stage, how her ‘the show must go on’ decision saved the day.

Don't worry Denise, your secrets are safe with us!

So, the end of the roller coaster was just around the corner and who knew what would happen next, especially as it was the turn of Paul Andrews!

Paul revealed an amusing story of how, as a 16-year-old, he made the decision to grab an opportunity which fast tracked his career. This wasn’t just a narrative, oh no, it came with a full set of actions that had us all giggling and steered the evening’s joyride to a safe and memorable end.

Enormous thanks go to the storytellers for crafting and sharing their stories so well.

Much gratitude goes to Shirley Eastley, Victoria Jones and Marion Edwards for meeting and greeting and overseeing drinks and nibbles. Their organisational skills were most appreciated.

One last vote of thanks goes to Al Frank Monk for taking some great photographs of the evening.

More photos can be found over at the Telcare FacebookPage

The next event will be 14th September at 6.45pm at the Medway Innovation Centre. The theme will be ‘Embracing Change’. Please do join us, tickets are available from Eventbrite
We will provide 5 storytellers, refreshments and nibbles and a guarantee that you will enjoy the evening.

Keeping Cool - Tips to prevent your Comms Room from overheating

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Whilst we are revelling in the current sunshine and summer temperatures, there will be those struggling to cope and it’s not just humans. As the mercury rises our electronic equipment can become extremely vulnerable.

During periods of high temperatures, it’s very important to keep an eye on your hardware, such as telephone systems and data servers. The increase in temperature can lead to your systems overheating and when this happens the reliability of the equipment can be dramatically reduced. In fact, your business can be seriously affected if your servers suddenly give up due to the heat.

Of course, some equipment will be tougher than others, but if you aren’t fortunate enough to have the very latest technology and huge amounts of money to install a state-of-the-art air conditioning system, then you may find your equipment needs a helping hand.
Most businesses house their equipment in a Comms Room or Server Room and have some form of air conditioning to keep things cool. An ideal temperature range is thought to be between 64 – 80 degrees fahrenheit. It’s worth keeping a close eye on the temperature and making sure it doesn’t exceed these figures.

If you do not have the luxury of air conditioning, there are a few things you can do to try and keep things under control.

Don’t over load the room with equipment that is not critical to the business. The more equipment the more heat is generated.

Buy a thermometer and check the temperature on a regular basis.

Make sure there is adequate air flow.

Turn off unnecessary items such as fluorescent lights to reduce the heat.

Consider investing in a portable air con unit. The cost may be less than the possible expenditure that down time may lead to.

Can we help?

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At Telcare, we have many years of technical experience and knowledge of the telecommunications industry and feel that reason, combined with our honesty and integrity, is what keeps our customers coming back.

We understand that while business telecoms systems and telephone systems maintenance services tend to fall into standard categories, your needs may not. We know that every customer has a unique set of requirements so a tailor made touch is what's needed in order to provide the telephony service you are looking for.

To give you an idea of our services, we can provide you with the following:

- Free audit with telecom solution
- Telephone system sales and installation
- Structured cabling
- Project manage your entire office move
- Order new lines and reduce the cost of your calls
- Reprogramme your system to accommodate your company changes
- Supply additional equipment
- Maintenance

Please do not hesitate to get in touch, even if you feel your question is a small one, we will do our best to help.

The Business Diaries - March Launch

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If you experienced a funny incident whilst going about your day you are most likely to mention it to your friends or family that evening. You will reel off the sequence of events with no hesitation, share the humour and entertain your loved ones. Congratulations you've just become a storyteller.

Each of us has thousands of stories like that, maybe not funny but nevertheless a story. Our whole life is a series of stories and experiences that help build our knowledge and wisdom. We don't have difficulty in relaying them because they are true, they happened to us. Think about telling your friend over coffee the latest school run saga, did you need a script? Of course not.

When it comes to business, and it's time to sell ourselves and our product or service, we tend to find this a lot trickier. There's so much more going on in our head, we need to deal with the fear of not knowing our audience, the desire to be liked, relaying all the boring facts about our business, oh and don’t forget that nagging pressure of needing to make a sale or ten. How on earth can we remember the presentation we put together, let alone our 60 second intro!

The Business Diaries tries to bridge the gap, storytelling with a business focus. A story from the heart. Enjoy engaging with your audience; who after ten minutes of listening will get a very good idea of who you are, and will place you firmly on the ladder of 'the know me, like me, trust me' process.

On March 23rd, the Business Diaries was launched. A group of business men and women got together to practise the art of storytelling. This involved two simple skills, speaking and listening, both equally important. Six Storytellers entertained us with tales relating to a theme of Working Away. From a case of shattered confidence in Greece, being the face of TGIs and working in PJs, to taking a quick business trip to Chile, returning years later with a husband and two children. After the interval, we were treated to the tale of working from home, that actually meant working away from home, volunteering to be sawn in half and the anecdotes of accepting different cultures and what to do when your dinner starts moving around the plate. As someone said “It was better than watching the telly.”

What a great evening! Perhaps I’d call it “A very British Icebreaker!” As they say “People Buy from People” but what’s missed off from that is “..they know and trust” and we certainly got to know a few people a whole lot more! Don’t worry guys your secrets are safe …yeah right! Neville Gaunt

The Business Diaries was an inspired event. I was thrilled and honoured to share the floor with some fabulous, entertaining, funny story tellers. Fascinating to hear stories from people you have got to know through business, learning things you never knew about them, makes you see them in a totally different light. It was a wonderful opportunity to be part of something new, something that was not business focussed and yet still gave you a networking opportunity in a social and fun way. Aly Harrold

Thanks go to our six brave and amazing storytellers, Amanda Flanders, Molly Wright, Linda Garcia, Jemma Fairclough-Haynes, Aly Harrold and Chris Pollard. Much appreciation also to Al Frank Monk, the Business Diaries Photographer and Shirley Eastley, the Business Diaries Coordinator.

The next event will be June 8th at 6.45pm at the Medway Innovation Centre. The theme will be ‘Decisions Decisions’. Please do join us, tickets are available from Eventbrite

Spring Update

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What a brilliant time of year it is, winter is officially behind us, spring has sprung and summer is on the horizon.

Feeling energised, we have signed up Team Telcare to ‘Colour Me Purple’, the colour run organised by the Friends of Wisdom Hospice. If you fancy a 5km run, jog or walk (apparently, anything goes) whilst being covered in paint, then you can sign up here. If you want to sponsor Team Telcare, let us know, all funds go to the hospice which needs to raise £2,000 a day!Wisdom Hospice

2017 has got off to a productive start. Office moves have been keeping us busy. We help our customers right from the early stages and get involved with the planning. We believe good preparation paves the way for a smooth move. We create a checklist to make sure everything has been given consideration and action is taken at the right time in the moving process. No one likes to move into a new office and find they’ve forgotten something major.

canstockphoto40249156Once the decision to move has been agreed, customers often take the opportunity to upgrade their telephone system and their office set up. This helps them to make the most of the latest technology and improve their organisation’s way of working. The need to move has likely come about because of a change in the company’s working environment, maybe growth or scaling down, so acknowledging these changes at this point makes good sense. When it comes to the actual move, it’s not unusual for us to undertake the relocation of the system during the evening or over a weekend so business interruption is avoided. Customers always have the benefit of our helpdesk team for any niggles or last minute changes.

Recent installs have included a 45-extension system right on our doorstep here on the Medway City Estate. An engineer’s bonus, as not a lot of travelling involved on that job and always a pleasure to serve a neighbour.

We are now undertaking a major project to update the telecoms in a Grade II listed stately home located within a grand country estate. Let’s hope there aren’t any chandeliers involved!
iStock_businesswoman with headset
In addition, the helpdesk has been engaged in dealing with customer queries and problem solving issues that occur on a daily basis. Remote assistance is such a valuable part of our service. Providing a quick response to a customer’s call or email, enables them to get on with running their business and keep telecom disruption to a minimum. Our customer satisfaction surveys report that 84% of our customers felt that our response to their problem was dealt with ‘extremely quickly’. We are very proud of that statistic and are grateful to our clients for the feedback.

Introducing The Business Diaries, Storytelling in Business

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Throughout 2017 we will be bringing you four amazing storytelling sessions told by business professionals who have some interesting experiences to share.

This is not a time for pitching products, it’s a time to hear about the personal experiences of fellow business men and women. The stories might be amusing, challenging, inspirational or perhaps a little sad but they’ll definitely be worthwhile hearing.canstockphoto20753801

The business community may appear a scary place for an entrepreneur when starting out; hearing honest accounts from fellow business men and women is not only motivating but confirms that the local business community are here to help, support and enable others to flourish.

Join us in March, June, September and December for an entertaining evening of storytelling. Each session will bring storytellers ready and willing to pass on their lessons learnt, the ups and downs of business and give a taster of life in their shoes.


The first event will be held on Thursday March 23rd 2017 at 7pm at the Innovation Centre in Rochester.
The event is free, however there will be a limited number of seats so registration is required. Please go to Eventbrite to register.

If you are interested in the role of storyteller, please contact Lisa at lisa.settle@telcare.co.uk

20 Years and Counting

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We are celebrating our 20th anniversary this month. The 20 years have flown by, it really does seem like yesterday when we were operating from our little office in Dartford.
We relocated to the Medway City Estate, Rochester in 2001 and since then have very much become part of the local community.

We have been extremely lucky to have a loyal team helping to steer the Telcare ship and we are very thankful for a fun and harmonious office environment.

Our customers have also been loyal; we still have customers that joined us back in 1997. Our client base has grown steadily and includes small companies with a few staff to larger companies with a few hundred.

Regardless of size, we always endeavour to assist our customers based on the understanding that all businesses are different and we therefore approach each job with a listening ear and a tailor made touch. We care about our work and getting things right.
The Telcare path may have changed slightly over the years but our aims have been consistent and our customer pledge remains the same.

"Customers can be assured that our pledge to provide great service will not falter. We will continue to be known for our reliability. Our team will be knowledgeable and respond to queries promptly and thoroughly. Our aim is to deliver this service in a friendly way so that our customers enjoy doing business with us as well as feeling valued."

Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys are a great way for us to monitor how we are managing our service and of course how we can improve it. Our aim is to provide value to you and your business.

We do understand that answering lengthy surveys takes time away from your day, that’s why our survey only takes you two minutes to give us a lot of feedback. There are just eight questions and for ease of use the answers are multiple choice, so you really will whizz through it. istockcustomerservice

Please click here to go to our survey

Should you feel that you would like to add your own words and comment on something specific, or tells us about a member of our team who has been particularly helpful, please email our helpdesk. helpdesk@telcare.co.uk

Thank you, we appreciate your help.

2017 is off to a good start

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2017 is off to a good start. Happy New Year to you all from Team Telcare.
Mix Fireworks or firecracker.
It’s time to grab the bull by the horns and focus on the new year ahead, it will be what you make it, but we all need a little support along the way. How fortunate we are then, to be located in Kent, where there’s a thriving business community with hundreds of business men and women encouraging each other along their chosen paths.

Having access to these marvellous men and women can be a most valuable asset for you and your business. We all need contacts to help our business grow. So how do you meet said marvels? You network! Being out and about in the business community, meeting like-minded people and developing mutually beneficial relationships is a positive move for any business. It’s a great way to find out what’s happening in your local business world, learn something new and receive free advice and mentoring.
On that note, we know of a few events coming up that you might wish to attend. canstockphoto6370084

MEBP Networking Breakfast is on Weds 11th Jan 8.30am to 10.30am at BAE Systems, Marconi Way, Rochester, Kent ME1 2XX

Medway Education Business Partnership is an organisation bringing together schools and businesses in order to prepare young people for the work place. The organisation is hugely successful in providing young people with opportunities to engage with local employers through various work experiences.
MEBP have just recently become a BTEC Training Centre in order to deliver Workskills Qualifications. They are very excited about their plans for 2017 and are holding a networking breakfast to bring everyone up to date and explain how businesses can get involved should they wish to. For more details or to book a place, please contact Dawn on 01634 204995 or email dawn@mebp.co.uk

The Networker’s Networking Event is on Thurs 16th Feb 9.30am to 3pm at Eastwell Manor in Ashford.

This event is for those who have only just started to network right through to the serial networker. There will be speakers running us through the pros and cons of networking and teaching us how to network effectively. There will also be some interesting information on the psychology of networking. To sign up for this event click here www.butterfliesanddreamsep.co.uk

Telcare will be attending both of these events and will look forward to meeting you there.